Several parties have an interest within the Kenley Airfield Conservation area:

  1. No  615 Volunteer Gliding Squadron  (VGS). The area within the whole of the perimeter track and including the hangar and hard standing surrounding it, as Crown Land, is under the command and control of the Squadrons' Officer Commanding.
  2. The  Corporation of the City of London , Commons. Almost all the grassed areas outside of the airfield perimeter track are common land and are subject to the Bye Laws printed on the distinctive City Commons notice boards located at the gateways.
  3. Comer Homes , a property developer, owns the Officers Mess and land bordering Whyteleafe Hill. This includes Coxes Wood to the northern end as part of Whyteleafe Bank, the grassed area on the airfield side of the mess and the field where the Portcullis RAFA branch is. Several Planning Applications to convert to flats have been refused. Current intentions are unclear.
  4. The Airmens Mess & Institute Building more commonly known as the old NAAFI and the land enclosed with it and including the remains of the Stores & Station Workshops is owned by the  Plymouth Brethren  who once intended that it should become a school. Their current purpose is unclear.
  5. 450 Squadron  (Air Training Cadets). The compound including the portacabin complex at the end of Victor Beamish Avenue is the parade ground of the ATC. It has its own Commanding Officer who reports to HQ South Eastern Area Air Training Cadets.
  6. Surrey Hills Gliding Club . This club operates during weekdays when 615 VGS is not operating. Its operation is dependent on licensing granted by the Ministry of Defence through Officer Commanding 615 VGS.
  7. The  RAF Kenley Tribute . A committee is set up to manage the care and maintenance of the monument. It is the focal point of annual flypasts by BBMF.
  8. Blast Pens. The remains of the blast pens all of which had a central spine are listed as ancient monuments by English Heritage.
  9. The Portcullis Club  is a private facility which is the home of No 661 Kenley and Caterham Branch of the Royal Air Force Association (RAFA).
  10. The Observatory. This is run by the  The Croydon Astronomical Society  which set up here in 1979.
  11. The Firing Range. This was used by ground staff for their annual ground defence continuation training and for calibrating aircraft armament.
  12. The  Kenley Common Funday  group provides an annual event on the Common. It is totally independent but is supported by local organisations.

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