RAFA / The Portcullis Club

The Portcullis Club keeps alive memories of RAF Kenley's past by its enthusiastic membership. Housed in building no 22 one of the earliest buildings at Kenley and now the oldest survivor it maintains a unique record, through photographs, publications and a small museum on the premises. Visitors are welcome to what is essentially a private club, there is much to see and members are always on hand to help and answer questions.

Like the Royal British Legion the purpose of the RAF Association is to raise funds to support Care Homes that support the elderly and incapacitated former members of the RAF. The Club is a product of the Branch but the Branch itself is a charity that raises annually in excess of £10,000.00, a laudable amount in view of the age of those that manage fundraising. The branch also manages its own local welfare service to those who may need care in our local communities.

There is some uncertainty in relation to future prospects. The owners of the Officers' Mess lease the premises to RAFA, but, having purchased in 2005 there is some uncertainty about intentions. There are substantial costs that support is required for.

There is prospect that the landlord may give up the land for community use. In this case the original intention of the Friends of Kenley Airfield may be achieved with the prospect of a trust being set up to ensure the future of this exceptional organisation.

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