Our Aims

This page should be read in conjunction with the  Constitution  or rules document which is a form of words devised to fit the criteria of the Charity Commission so to enable Gift Aid. The objects quoted here are amplified for better understanding of our purpose; they are necessarily subject to future change.

The main aim is to be as representative as possible of all the people that reside locally to the airfield and of those who have historical or other ties who may live further afield. It will also include the membership of the local RAFA Association and Club.

The Group committees will be elected to have the authority of the membership to negotiate with the MoD and Commons managers and others in the respect of their intentions to make changes within the conservation area.

The Group committees will provide feedback to members and residents by the issue of newsletters, articles for publications and press releases that will detail the relevance of those meetings.

It is the group's intention to map out a heritage trail for individual use but also to encourage conducted tours of the remaining infrastructure. The group will encourage its members to support the nature walks that are from time to time conducted by the City Commons.

The Group aims to work with the City Commons and the MoD to produce notes of guidance for the users of the Common and Airfield thus helping to ensure the safety of all concerned.

Given the public interest in the area surrounding The RAF Kenley Tribute; the group will introduce appropriate signage descriptive of the monument, its purpose and background and more so to generate a respect for the meaning of the place.

The Group intends to engage in project work that will enhance infrastructure and heritage aspects (subject to permissions) and to engage in fundraising to enable it to do so.

The Group will maintain its position on the perimeter track fencing proposal which is ‘No fence’.

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