1.  The Fence

KAFG campaigned on behalf of the community to prevent the erection of a palisade fence that would totally enclose the airfield.

KAFG became a member of the Kenley Airfield Safety Working Group (SWG). As a result of extended discussions on this committee between the MoD, the City Commons, Tandridge and Croydon Councils several concessions were made by the Mod in respect of how the public were to use the airfield.

  • It became possible to walk run or cycle a complete circuit of the airfield; yellow lines were renewed and extended to confirm this.
  • Crowd Control Barriers were placed at the six points where the winch and mobile Control Towers are positioned. When operating only two of these six points are used; people are required to stay on the Common side of these barriers. People may go on the airfield side at the other four barrier runs. It is advisable to stay on the Common side of the barriers at all times.
  • When gliders are not operating it is possible to go anywhere on the airfield.

Note:  It is advisable to stay on the Common side of the barriers at all times. When gliding is taking place do not encroach the grass inside the perimeter track as it is unsafe to do so.

KAFG continues to press for a more suitable type of fencing that will harmonise more with the scenery. Our idea is that a post and rail arrangement at knee height will achieve the same result as the current crowd control barriers. This will be a tidier arrangement which, being fixed permanently, will not be affected by the elements.

2.  The Officers Mess

From recent conversations with Comer Homes we understand they will be submitting a new planning application in the not too distant future. We do not have any more information at this moment. Comer Homes has been working closely with the planners at Tandridge Council and again we are presently comfortable with Comer's stated intentions and the close scrutiny that any application will be subject to.

3.  The Airmen's Mess &Institute

There has been a recent application for planning permission to develop the Station HQ/NAAFI building at the entrance to Victor Beamish Avenue for use as a senior school and we understand there will be a maximum of 100 pupils housed there. The application is very similar to the one which gained approval from Tandridge over 10 years ago but which wasn't progressed by the owners. The good news is that it will preserve the outside appearance of the building and also most of the internal layout. It will also halt any further deterioration of the structure if nothing happens then one day it will fall down! Although there are some concerns about noise, traffic movements and the possibility it might be supplemented by a further application in the future we do not believe it will be refused. Tandridge Council have been very vigilant in considering planning for the airfield and our overall view is that if they are happy then so are we. We would also welcome proposals from the owner for the active restoration and conservation of the areas to the north of the site in consultation with the local authorities and KAFG.

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